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Aug. 14th, 2012

Such a crappy day. 


I'm jotting ideas down for the kids for Christmas.  So far, Emma is winning the "who does Mommy know the best" contest.  She is so easy to shop for. No clue what to do for Sara.  Jack is at a weird age, he's kind of graduated into bigger kid toys, but still likes some of the younger stuff, too.  I also want to get him some sort of educational hand held video game system. Any suggestions? New Baby will get some clothes and some toys...maybe a "happy napper" just so all 4(?!?!) kids have one.


Some more news on the person interested in our house, who is away until the 20th.  He actually already owns a unit in my complex that he rents out. I guess he is looking to do it again.  He's also the uncle of one of my realtors coworkers.  But, we will know nothing until he gets back, but last we heard he was still interested.  We have to figure out what we are going to do if we don't sell. My brother has expressed wanting to buy it, and he's coming for dinner tonight to discuss logistics.


My kids are playing so nicely right more.  I love when they play independently. 


Greg has pink eye.  He's been on a roll with being sick lately. He rarely gets sick.


I'm procrastinating. I have so much laundry to do and I need to finish my school lesson today so I can start on the new one they sent me.

I just want one uneventful pregnancy that doesn't involve freaking Braxton Hicks contractions.  Apparently, that's too much to ask.</p>

Yes, pregnancy is an amazing miracle. Yes, its a precious gift.
But seriously,I hate it, and I can't wait to never do it again. Never ever ever.

Aug. 9th, 2012

Thanks for the love, ladies. viewings tomorrow, funeral Saturday.

prayers for good and bad...

Start with the good...not only did the people from Saturday like our house, so did the people from Sunday.  The people from Saturday are away until the end of the week so we won't hear anything from them until that time, but our realtor is actively talking to the people from Sunday. Plus there are 2 houses that we are very interested in, so the timing could be perfect. 


Now, the bad. Greg's great aunt who he is very close to, is dying.  She's had surgery after surgery and never bounced back and they discontinued life support last night.  We are waiting to hear the latest and then we will head up to be with the family.  Greg is so upset.  Cried most of the night last night.  This aunt is a pisser, so funny, so sweet. She will be missed.


So, all that said...prayers, happy thoughts, positive mojo would be appreciated. Please know that I am reading all of you,I just haven't had the time to comment much.  Love and hugs.


My back is still barely holding me up.  We did a lot of running around this weekend (because of the showings...we like to be out of the house) and that didn't help.</p>

Greg is sick, so he laid around all day yesterday, while I cleaned for the showing. I was not happy about this, and told him. 

We went to the mall during the hour that we had to be out.  We sat at the food court and ate soft pretzels.  It was nice family time. I actually got teary eyed sitting there watching the kids.  I'm too emo for my own good, sometimes.

We came home and watched 'Ramona and Beezus' (I loved the books growing up) and watched the big storm roll in.  once the lightening and thunder dropped, we let the kids play in the rain. They LOVED it.  Again, teary eyed because they were so happy to be doing that.

Our new computer crapped out already, so we returned it and we're getting a better one. We hope to have it by tonight.

down with the sickness

Sara has been sick for over a week. Still sounds terrible, have to bring her back to the doc Monday.


Greg has not been feeling so hot, and he went to the doc this AM and he has an ear infection and a sinus infection.  He has no one to cover him at work tonight, so he has to go while feeling miserable.


I've had a bad ache in my back, side from the usual back ache and this AM, I had pain while peeing.  Went to the doc and its nothing, but I have to keep an eye on it and take it easy.


Apparently, we are all falling apart...

positive mojo

I've been quiet, aside from a brief mention, about us paying off Greg's debt consolidation.  We had to borrow the money to do so, but it was a necessity, as we would have had a hard time getting a mortgage. 


The payment was taken out yesterday.


We had a showing today at 10 am.  We left as the people showed up. Ran some errands, came back an hour later, and they were here.  The realtor saw us, and flew out of the house telling us that they had come back, because out of all of the houses they saw, they liked ours the best!


I texted our realtor, telling her about this and she replied that the people inquired about the Sellers disclosure (listing of all of the work done in the house,etc) and that this is usually a very good sign.


I've been anxious and on edge since. In a good way.  I just find it amazing that we paid of the debt yesterday and today we get the most serious inquiry in 4 months.


Here's to hoping!!

quick phone update

I hurt my back and my hip, and I'm not sure how I did it.  It made carrying the baby very difficult today.  I'm hopeful that it passes quickly, because I hate not being to do stuff.</p>

I'm addicted to the olympics. I feel like I need an intervention.

The kids have been so bad as of late. 

My mother OFFERED to babysit my kids one night this week, because Greg and I have plans with my brothers.  Offered.  Like I didn't have to ask.  we will see how that goes.

We are thinking of getting a Mac computer. anyone here have one?  What do you think if it?

we are about to pay off Greg's debt
consolidation program.  You have no idea how good that feels and how much of a game changer that is for us.  It changes a few things, in a good way.

I guess that's it for now.

Hi. My computer is dead. hopefully getting a new one soon-ish?  Updating and reading on my phone gives me a headache so I'm not sure that ill be don't much of either.
Just wanted to say hi!